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Many women are choosing the IUD or intrauterine device as a form of non-permanent, long-term birth control. It is a small plastic T-shaped device that is easily inserted in the office and lasts 5-10 years for birth control. The progesterone containing IUDs are also indicated for heavy periods. Many women will have lighter, less painful periods and some women will stop having periods. This is a common side effect and is not harmful. Normal cycles and fertility will return when the IUD is removed.


We will obtain a urine sample for a pregnancy test prior to placement despite permanent birth control. You may take Ibuprofen 200mg (2-4 tabs) 30 minutes prior to your appointment. The providers at the Woman's Clinic can help you make an informed decision about having an IUD placed. Keep in mind that the IUD can be easily removed by our providers if you desire pregnancy OR if the IUD just isn't for you. 

Mirena IUD

The Mirena IUD is highly effective and indicated for birth control for 8 years. The Mirena also helps prevent heavy menstrual bleeding for 5 years. 

Liletta IUD

The Liletta IUD is highly effective and is one of the longer lasting hormonal IUD options. Liletta is indicated for 6 years for birth control and for heavy menstrual bleeding for 5 years. 

Kyleena IUD

The Kyleena IUD is indicated for birth control for 5 years. It may also make your periods lighter. It is smaller and easier to insert, especially in women who had not had a vaginal delivery. The Kyleena IUD is one of the lower hormone birth control options.

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